Infosec Services

Classification Consultancy

For the purpose of risk management and legal compliance, all the data contained within a digital enterprise needs to be classified in a well-planned manner. We provide assessment and consultancy to identify and classify the data such that the right party has access to the right data in a user-friendly way.

· Penetration Testing

In penetration testing module, our veteran testing experts simulate an attack on your computer system, network, communication infrastructure and all the associated applications to identify security holes before these can be really exploited.

· Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment services utilize the consolidated and updated report of the existing security holes within a network system. These vulnerabilities are accessed and classified for actionable according to the degree of risk they pose.

· Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Gathering relevant information garners intelligence which is the ultimate power against cyber-attacks. Our experts can consolidate the data from penetrations tests, reported incidences and reports of current viruses getting into the system to create threat intelligence that builds proactive defense, enhances incident response and alerts.

· Regulatory compliance assessment

With over five decades of learning experience in the IT industry, Ascent has a commendable market presence and deep knowledge of its functionality and compliance trends which it expands to enterprises across all sectors. Ascent provides regulatory compliance assessment services, there by generating an analysis report that facilitates legal compliance to reduce associated risks.