WALLIX is named an “Overall Leader” in the KuppingerCole Analyst 2020 Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management and is included in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020.

Easy to use and easy to deploy, the WALLIX PAM solution delivers robust security and oversight over privileged access to critical IT infrastructure. Reduce the attack surface and meet regulatory compliance requirements with simplified Privileged Access Management.

WALLIX Bastion - Manage, monitor and ensure traceability of users’ privileged access while securing passwords.

The WALLIX Session Manager offers IT leaders a powerful solution to manage, control and audit access to network assets with strong security posture ensuring that only the right person has access to the right IT resources. Walix delivers secure remote access to IT admins and external providers via an HTML5-based secure connectivity solution accessible from any browser.

The WALLIX Bastion Privileged Access Management solution combines Privileged Session Management with Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) to provide an end-to-end Zero Standing Privileges approach thanks to features like JIT access using group membership, access granted for a limited time to vaulted accounts, and JIT access through privilege elevation.

The WALLIX Bastion is a modular solution enabling organizations to deploy the solution according to macro-level needs, launching features one at a time to facilitate a long-term, sustainable approach to privilege access security.

The WALLIX Bastion offers robust access management for Windows-based controller stations, SSH-based systems, or directly to PLCs through secured tunnels. Unique to WALLIX, Universal Tunneling allows direct access to the PLC in complete safety. Industrial protocols are encapsulated in an SSH tunnel, no need to set up bounce servers to connect! With WALLIX Bastion Universal Tunneling you have visibility over all access to PLCs and can control your costs.

WALLIX BestSafe - Through efficient and controlled privilege management, raise your company’s protection to the maximum levels.

White list for corporate applications, gray list for dangerous applications, blacklist for malware.


WALLIX Trustelem - Compliance Service platform (IdaaS) to unify, simplify and control user access to any application.

Gather your identity sources into a single identity referential to easily control access rights in one centralized location.

Provide users with a Single Sign-On experience to remove the burden of managing a different password for each target application and entering credentials again and again.

Choose from an array of Multi-Factor Authentication mechanisms to fit the specific requirements of your different populations, because there is no one-size-fits-all MFA solution.

WALL4iOT - Cybersecurity solution for industrial systems and Industrial IoT secured connectivity.