These three can be termed as a building blocks for layered cyber security approach and rightly so. In order to protect sensitive information, it first needs to be discovered where it is stored whether on network, servers, desktops or cloud. Then the next ideal step is to classify or label the information based on its degree of sensitivity or confidentiality. This provides the basis for effective implementation of other data or information theft prevention solutions like Data Leakage Prevention.

There are companies that provide comprehensive solution in each segment but there are also companies in Data Leakage Prevention segment which have parts of Data Discovery and Classification features integrated in their offerings.

We offer Ground Labs patented GLASS technology in Recon Enterprise version with 300 predefined data types and patterns.

For Data Classification we offer solution from Janusnet which is easy to use and widely accepted.

In Data Leakage Prevention we offer next gen comprehensive solution from GTB Technologies with integrated Data Discover and Classification features.