Searchinform is a 25 years old company headquartered in Moscow and having 18 branches and representative offices worldwide. Searchinform was included in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant. 3000 plus customers in more than 20 countries.  

Risk Monitor provides you with an automated highly perceptive toolset for employee monitoring, risk assessment, and internal auditing, makes sure that corporate policies comply with regulators, and evaluates the conformity of a company’s security level to the most recent requirements. The solution facilitates the creation of the risk management program.

SearchInform Risk Monitor allows you to monitor all critical communication channels. A complete list of both corporate (Exchange, Lync, etc.) and personal (WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) communication tools is supported.

The product provides a basis for audio and video recordings of user activities, recording any activities involving files or folders, audit logs, devices, or software. Constant monitoring tools allow you to accurately reconstruct a chain of events and discover employees engaged in violations.

The solution consists of modules, each of which controls its own data channel.

Provides your business with multifaceted protection against financial losses caused by internal threats in several stages:

The system operates on two levels. It keeps track of the data leaving the network while at the same time monitors employee activities on computers. SearchInform Risk Monitor keeps an eye on the company’s assets 24/7 even if the employees are located off the premises of an organization but using corporate devices.