SealPath and Boldon James Partner on Document Security Classification & Protection

Boldon James, the leading provider of data classification and secure messaging solutions, and SealPath, a leading provider of user-friendly document security protection, today announced the integration of their secure solutions to allow enterprise users to automatically protect information that has been manually classified in one-click.

Luis Angel del Valle, SealPath CEO and Co-founder, said: “One of our main goals at SealPath is to make it simpler for end-users to protect their sensitive data. By uniting the flexibility of SealPath document security, with market leading data classification at Boldon James we make it easier to secure valuable company data. By taking away the complexity of document security and providing a one-click process to classify and protect, we aim to promote increased data security culture within the enterprise.”

One of the most common sources of data leaks within an enterprise is from users mishandling sensitive documents and files. Large amounts of this sensitive data, almost 80% is unstructured including emails, reports, presentations, spreadsheets, word processor files, voice mail, phone notes, agenda and photographs. Securing access to unstructured data is a growing challenge for many organisations, if unaddressed, can result in damaging data breaches. By classifying and securing unstructured data upon creation, end-users can enhance data protection and comply with the latest data protection regulations such as GDPR, while ensuring sensitive data is protected throughout its lifecycle.

Martin Sugden, CEO at Boldon James, commented: “It is vital organizations identify and protect all forms of sensitive data. We are very pleased to form a technology partnership with SealPath, as a leader in document security, their solution is a good fit for our enterprise, manufacturing and financial sector customers who benefit from involving users in the process of classification so that sensitive information is appropriately protected. The integration with SealPath extends our best-of-breed technology partner ecosystem to give our customers the choice as to which solution combination meets their exact requirements.”

Users simply select any file from Microsoft Office, PDFs, text, images and more and right-click to assign a security classification to the document. Classification can also be done directly within the productivity application, such as Microsoft Outlook for emails, or Microsoft Office for documents. Files can be classified in a simple hierarchy, such as Confidential, Internal and Public, or using a custom classification scheme aligned with their corporate security policy. Protected documents are controlled remotely and security privileges can be changed after a specific time period or if a user’s privileges have changed. Once classified, SealPath will automatically apply a security policy to the document based on the user-applied classification label. A confidential label for example will make a document accessible to only a select group of individuals within a company. Additional layers of security allow administrators to control an individual’s permissions to view, edit, print or share documents.

The seamless integration with Boldon James Classifier enables SealPath to automatically detect classified documents within the file server, SharePoint and other document repositories and enforce the appropriate protection according to the document’s classification level. The process ensures that the protection associated with classification labels is consistently applied and enforced for persistent security across the most common collaboration tools.

About SealPath
SealPath enables professionals and companies to protect their documents wherever they may be. In a world where data is becoming more mobile, in which companies operate with a mix of on-site and cloud infrastructures, the real perimeter of the company is its own data and documents and these are the assets that must be protected wherever they are. SealPath enhances productivity by implementing simple but secure data protection solutions for enterprise document security. For more information

About Boldon James
For 30 years, Boldon James has been a leader in data classification and secure messaging solutions, helping organisations manage and protect sensitive information securely and in compliance with legislation and standards, in some of the most complex and demanding messaging environments in the world. Boldon James is a wholly owned subsidiary of QinetiQ plc, with offices worldwide.